About Filibuster Press

With its creation in the late 1990s, Filibuster Press was a small publishing company which specialized in short-run production of novels. In all, the company published 4 titles – one is sold out, two are out-of-print, and a limited number of physical copies are available for the fourth. Operations were suspended for a number of years while Kyle Hannon, the publisher, sought other experiences.

Now Kyle is ready to use new experiences and skills to re-open the operation as an LLC. Physical book publishing will still be an available product, but most book creation is moving to e-books, readable through Amazon Kindle products.

Although books are still a passion for some people in society, many are looking for faster, less involved ways to tell their story. Years of experience developing and telling stories for organizations, in a variety of formats, allow Filibuster Press to offer content and marketing programming for many types of organizations. From developing simple articles for existing newsletters to creating a social media campaign including video, Filibuster Press has extensive experience creating your story.

Sometimes, organizations are looking to tell their story on a grant application. Filibuster Press can analyze the grant and develop the story that fits the application. Likewise, if your organization is offering a grant, Filibuster Press can use its experience to review the applications and discover who will meet your goals.

Government relations is a tricky business, but proper program development requires government involvement. Filibuster Press can bring experience from local, state, and federal government relations to your team.

Filibuster Press is physically located in Bloomington, Indiana. But its work is located everywhere.

Start your professional partnership by contacting Filibuster Press, or call 574-612-5521.