The Yellowstone Faithful

by Kyle Hannon

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The Yellowstone Faithful

A renegade grizzly and an unpredictable geyser play into the hands of a crafty environmentalist who wants to close the gates of the world's greatest national park. This fast-paced novel is intiguing and entertaining with each rapidly turning page.

Yellowstone Faithful is an excellent read. It is almost as entertaining and adventuresome as an actual visit to our oldest national park. The author spices up this literary journey into the crown jewel with mystery, intrigue, and a whole lot of action. The book is thrilling and thought-provoking – a fun way to spend your leisure time.George Berklacy, Retired Chief of Public Affairs, National Park Service

The Yellowstone Faithful is a page-turner and a whole lot of fun. Lee Whittlesey, Archivist, National Park Service Author, Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park

Kyle Hannon hits the nail on the head when he writes about the conflicting philosophies of preservation and use in the National Park Service. ... The examples pointed out in Hannon's book are illustrative of the kinds of scenarios played out in our National Parks on a daily basis. James M. Ridenour, former Director, Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands former Director, National Park Service, 1989-1993 Author, The National Parks Compromised: Pork Barrel Politics and America's Treasures

If I had just one word to describe this book it would have to be AWESOME. This book took me on a journey I never wanted to end. It described yellowstone to me in a way I never knew before. Every page took me beyond the book and into a different dimension. It almost seemed like in my minds eye I was really there. Not only is this a Great Story, but It has also taught me a few things about Yellowstone I never knew. The Author of this book definately deserves two thumbs up. It captivated me and kept my interest I never wanted to put the book down. My own kids fought over who was reading it next. I am looking forward to a sequel to this book. If you want to be kept on the edge of your seat and be excited over every page you read, then this is your kind of book. I know it definately was mine. Anybody out there looking for that one great gift to give, This is it. debib10 on Amazon

I love this book! I kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen next.It is light reading and especialy fun if you are a National Park lover. In the book we have hero's and villain's I think you might be surprised who you end up rooting for.Although it is a work of fiction it opened my eyes and changed my opinion to a few polital issues surrounding my favorite place on earth.If you are a patron of the park I dare you to not enjoy this book! By the way the first line is "Please God, Don't let that be a bear" and it just gets better! Jacqueline on Amazon

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