A Light in the Hills

by Joanne Miles Hannon

A Light In The Hills cover

Light in the Hills

A special needs child is born to a back-hills family. The child brings many challenges to the family. But does he bring something unexpected too? An uplifting story for those raising, and loving, special needs children.

From the author: "I would challenge my readers, if you have not already done so, to discover the "light" in your life."

From readers:

“Received my copy of your book the other day. Opened the package, sat down and read the entire book. Inspiring story.” Anita J. (Facebook post)

"Joanne, I just finished your book and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. You truly have a gift for writing and for telling a heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing." Jan T.

"I loved it. I read it the day it arrived. It is wonderful Joanne." Deb W.

"Joanne, I received your book yesterday. Read it last night. It is a beautiful story! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you." Jolene B.

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