Mark the Monster

by Kyle Hannon

<aHermes Rivera via unsplash
<aAshkan Forouzani via unsplash

In a quaint little town not far from here
the people would hide in their houses in fear,

Because high on a mountain at the edge of town
a monster named Mark liked to look down.

He was looking for dinner. He was looking for snacks.
And the good-tasting townsfolk feared his attacks.

When they saw Mark, they sent out an alarm
to run to their houses and escape from his harm.

One afternoon on a bright sunny day
a smart little boy had stayed out to play.

He was so intent, playing his play
that he did not hear the warning. He did not run away.

The mean monster saw him, and started to charge.
"You'll be a great morsel, (though you are not very large)"

The boy was trapped and alone. He had little choice.
He thought he'd try talking (with a crack in his voice).

"You know," said the boy, "my name is Mark too."
"That's nice," said the monster. "But I'll still eat you.""

"Wait!"" cried the boy. "I'll make you a deal.
If you don't eat me, Mom will cook you a meal."

Mark the monster said, "Hmm. Now that would be new.
Why should I try that when I could just eat you?"

Mark the boy said, "Listen, don't eat me please.
My mom makes a treat called macaroni and cheese."

"Well," said the monster, "That sounds kind of good.
But if I don't like it, you'll still be my food."

When they went to the house, both Marks walked inside.
The boy's mother just screamed and ran out to hide.

"She won't cook," said the monster. "I guess I'll eat you."
"Not yet," said the boy, "I know what to do.

"Mom taught me to make this. I know how it's done
We'll make it together and it will be fun.

"I'm still too young," said boy Mark, "to do this myself.
So please turn on the stove and get that box off the shelf.""

The boy started cooking. It looked very easy.
Macaroni, milk, butter, and a packet so cheesy.

He then filled two plates and gave one to his guest.
The beast stared ... and he sniffed .. and he gave it a test.

The boy held his breath for quite a long while.
The monster just sat there ... then started to smile.

"It's tasty. It's tasty!" the big monster said.
"Forget eating people. I'll eat this instead."

"That's great," said the boy as he poked the beast's belly.
"I also make fish sticks or peanut butter and jelly.

"Lots of good cooking I have learned how to do.
Just stop eating people and I'll cook for you."

Now the beast is welcome. Nobody runs.
For meals he does chores that need to be done.

Mark the boy earned a trophy to keep on his shelf.
He saved the town just by learning to do things himself.

The End

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